Music I Liked – Shiroki Chikai and Moulin Rouge

Music I Liked – Shiroki Chikai and Moulin Rouge

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Did I listen to music in the sixth week of 2018? I honestly can’t remember. You see, I’ve been playing this video game lately…

Shiroki Chikai

Even though I usually skip the opening sequence in a game after I’ve seen it the first time, the opening of Hakuoki is gorgeous. So I usually watch it every time I play the game. Plus video game music is really repetitive. Plus my kids are playing the same game, so at any given time, the music of Hakuoki is playing somewhere in my house. As a result, this theme song has been stuck in my head for a week. It even soundtracks my dreams.

Moulin Rouge

This year my middle schooler traded in her soccer cleats for ice skates. So now I’m watching figure skating at the winter Olympics for the first time since I was in middle school myself. Everyone on Team America is so cute, and this weekend they all gave wonderful performances. I was really rooting for them to win until this Canadian couple came out and skated to music from Moulin Rouge. They were in a whole different class from everything else we’d seen. And they reminded me how much I love that movie, and the way it squeezes emotion out of the cheesiest music, so that songs I hated on the radio make me cry in the movie.

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